Covid-19 Announcement
– 28th June 2020

Dear Guest, welcome to The Aldor.

In order to comply with the Government’s COVID -19 Guidance, a risk assessment of The Aldor has been completed to identify the required actions to mitigate the possibility of virus transmission.

As a result of this, the following changes have been implemented :-

1, Before guest arrival, all rooms are thoroughly ventilated and cleaned using the appropriate products to kill bacteria and viruses. This includes enhanced cleaning of all touch points such as door handles, light switches, remote controls etc, and all room keys will be sanitised.

2, All nonessential soft furnishings and items have been removed from the rooms. All complimentary items such as the shampoo / conditioner sachets, tea, coffee, milk etc is removed from the room after every guest check out and replaced with new.

3, There are 2 hand sanitising stations on the ground floor hallway, and another one on the first floor. We would request that all guests sanitise their hands when entering the building, and also before entering the breakfast room.

4, To maintain social distancing, we will not show you to your room, unless requested to do so.

5, Room Servicing - To protect ourselves and guests, we will not be making beds. Room service is now limited to emptying bins and refreshing the hospitality tray.

6, Whilst we understand that social distancing in the hallways may be difficult, we would request that you check the hallways are clear of other guests before leaving your room.

7, The tables in the breakfast room have been moved, and some removed, to achieve maximum distance between them. On occasion, if The Aldor is full, we may have to stagger the breakfast time, but we will notify you of this on check in. Whilst the breakfast menu remains the same, there will be no self-service. We would request that you remain seated at the table that displays your room number, and all items will be served to you. All condiment containers and sachets will be removed after every guest checkout and replaced with new.

8, During your stay, if you start to develop symptoms of coronavirus, please isolate in your room and notify us immediately by calling The Aldor phone number – 01754 766963. We will then review the current guidance on the actions required. 

We understand that some of these changes may be inconvenient, but have been implemented to protect us and our guests. We hope this does not have a negative impact on your stay with us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns or special requests.